Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters (non-profit) has been designed to support youth who are struggling with
intergenerational issues arising from Indian Residential Schools. As a result of these issues, too
many of our youth are consumed by such debilitating feelings of hopelessness and despair that
they are stuck in a cycle of alcohol/drug addiction, poverty, abuse, and the family violence it
fuels, which is funded by monthly social assistance payments. The $255 per month that adults
on “welfare” receive are sometimes supplemented through bingo, gambling, illegal drug sales,
property crimes, home-based entrepreneurial ventures, and the severe poverty our inner-city
people live in.

Our Youth Suffer from High Rates of

  • Illness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Family Violence
  • Uncontrolled Gang Recruitment
  • Uncontrolled Gang Violence


Every Child Matters (non-profit) was created to assist youth with a chance to reconnect to
culture in a safe place away from home. Our Youth program creates a safe space that engages
our inner city and high-risk children in programming that involves sports activities, and cultural
activities throughout the day, smudge kits and access to supports like Mental Health, and
Elders. Our youth team is designed in a way that children have a chance to communicate and
be around positive role models that have had similar backgrounds. Our facility is open to the
youth 12hrs a day 5 days a week and our clients have the peace of mind of having security
available on site.
Our goal, for 2022- 2023 is to help as many of our high-risk youth to connect with culture, we
believe that strong roots in our culture give us a chance at success.